Berbicara tentang kepribadian tak akan pernah ada habisnya. banyak dilihat dari sudut pandang teori yang berbeda dan banyak jenis tes yang mengungkap tentang kepribadian. Tertarik untuk mereview kembali beberapa materi kuliah tentang kepribadian.

So.. here we go…  ^_^

The concept of personality is used to explain (1) the stability in a person’s behavior over time and accross situation (consistency) and (2) the behavioral differences among people reacting to the same situation ( distinctiveness).

Definisi yang di dapat ( dari dua buku yang berbeda) :

1. Personality refers to an individual’s unique constellation of consistent behavioral traits.

2. Personality  represent those characteristics of the person that account for consistent patterns of behavior

Meski definisi diambil dari dua buku berbeda, tetapi benang merah yang bisa diambil adalah  individual’s unique constellation = characteristic of  the person dan consistent behavioral state = consistent patterns of behavior

Meski tidak terlalu setuju dengan beberapa teori Freud, tapi ada beberapa teori yang bisa kita pakai untuk melihat diri kita sendiri. Kali ini kita menelaah sedikit tentang kecemasan dan bagaimana manusia membentuk mekanisme pertahanan diri di otak bawah sadarnya untuk mengatasi kecemasannya.. bisa jadi kita menggunakan mekanisme pertahanan diri ini dalam kehidupan kita… Happy exploring… ^_^

Anxiety and the mechanism of defense

Anxiety is such a painful state that we are incapable of tolerating it for very long time. How are we able to deal with such a state? why we are not anxious more of the time? the answer is that individuals develop defense mechanism against anxiety. Secara tidak sadar, kita membangun jalan untuk memisahkan antara realitas dan perasaan yang terjadi dari kesadaran diri sehingga kita tidak merasa cemas. 

beberapa mekanisme pertahanan diri yang biasanya dilakukan :

1. Repression : keeping distressing thoughs and feelings burried in the unconscious. A though, idea, or wish is dismissed  from counsciousness. It is as if we say “what we don’t know or remember can’t hurt us”. 

2. Projection : Attributing one’s own thought, feelings, or motives to another. in projection, what is internal and unacceptable is projected out and seen as external.  Rather than recognize hostility in the self, the individual sees others as being hostile.

3. Displacement : Diverting emotional feelings (usually anger) from their original sources to a subtitute subject. 

4. Reaction Formation : Behaving in a way that is exactly the opposite of one’s true feelings

5. Regression : A reversion to immature patterns of behavior. 

6. Rationalization : creating false but plausible excuses to justify unacceptable behavior. 

7. Identification : Bolstering self-esteem by forming an imaginary or real alliance with some person or group. 

8. Denial: denial of reality. Denial of reality is common seen where people attempt to avoid recognizing the extent of a threat.

9. Isolation : the impulse, thought, or act is not denied access to consciousness, but it it denied the normal accompanying emotion. 

Semoga bermanfaat untuk diri ya.. Be a better person.. ^_^

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